3 signs that you are using too much cosmetics on your skin

If you’re reading about many techniques to keep your skin looking young, clear and plump, you need to learn how to use these methods wisely. Start by asking yourself which ones are right for you and are they compatible with each other.

While doing nothing to take care of yourself is a mistake, doing too much can be catastrophic. Here are 3 signs that you are using too much cosmetics on your skin!

1. Tight and greasy skin

You used to have oily skin, but now your skin is very sensitive, dry and shiny in the middle of the day because of too much sebum. Why this rebound effect? Certainly because you wash too often, attacking your skin. As a result, it is weak, tight and reacts. To defend itself, it produces even more sebum that clogs your pores and buds.

What can you do about it?

Check your cleansing products: all the miracle gels sold in supermarkets are lures. They dry out your skin and give you a feeling of freshness thanks to the menthol they contain, but they only make the problem worse. Instead, use a gentle cleanser found in pharmacies that will remove impurities without harming the skin.
Wash your skin less often: if it tends to be tight, reduce washing to once a day. In the evening, after wearing makeup all day, use water, your gel and your brush or sponge to gently cleanse your skin. In the morning, micellar water is enough to clear your pores!

2. Dull complexion

Clogged pores and sad, stifled skin are also a sign of too many products weighing them down. Sunscreen, anti-aging cream, serum, moisturizer… You may be overdoing it – it’s time to do something about it to get a glowing complexion!

What can you do about it?

Exfoliate your skin: if it is dull, it is perhaps because many dead cells are attached to its surface. These cells are due to pollution, the natural renewal of the skin but also to the deposits of cosmetics that you use and remove badly. An exfoliating treatment, a weekly scrub, a steam bath and you are clearer than ever.
Lighter textures: if you’re into layering, opt for products with light, watery textures. A sunscreen, a serum adapted to your skin and a moisturizer are more than enough. No need to add oils and other thick balms under your makeup!

3. Pimples

As you may have noticed, pimples aren’t just a teenager’s problem. Hormones and diet may have a lot to do with it, but we recommend that you start by changing your beauty routine before consulting a specialist. It is possible that a large part of your imperfections will fade away!

How can you remedy this?

Stick to your routine: are you starting an anti-blemish treatment? Some products take several weeks to prove their effectiveness, so don’t stop along the way or your skin will react again.
Don’t attack your pimples: a nasty breakout on your chin and you’re off to spend the evening trying to exterminate them with your tea tree oil, scrubs and clay masks. As a result, your skin dries out and produces even more pimples. Use a drying product before bed and a mask twice a week maximum. And above all, don’t forget to moisturize.
Keep an eye on the active ingredients in your foundations and concealers: allergenic ingredients, comedogenic formulations… Your makeup may be the cause of your reaction. Observe your skin after a few days without wearing your foundation. If it doesn’t fit, opt for a lighter formula that will let your skin breathe!

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