Beauty routine: what to do before summer

To avoid ending up with crocodile skin and doormat hair in the summer, you have to plan ahead. No more letting yourself be carried away, you take the bull by the horns and adapt your beauty routine according to your needs and external attacks.

Follow our exclusive protocol to anticipate the little beauty problems of summer!

1. Take stock of the situation

Before you tackle the problem, you need to know what it is. Every year you have dry skin, hair that frizzes with humidity? Or an increase in sebum on your face? Allergies to the sun? Take stock of your past experiences and combine them with the condition of your skin and hair right now.

2. Plan for the right products

Before investing in a product line, don’t be afraid to ask for samples to test their effectiveness and whether they work for you. Then, make sure you can deal with all situations: dry skin, sunburn, damaged hair, irritations, pimple outbreaks… And don’t change your routine from one day to the next to avoid panicking your skin!

3. Start your summer routine early

Planning 3 weeks at the beach without preparing your skin and hair is clearly not a good idea because afterwards, you’ll have to repair the damage. Beforehand, go to an institute to do an effective skin cleansing and solve the main problem of your skin (dryness, lack of radiance, loss of elasticity…). Then, we give a light scissors blow to its mane. No need to cut more, you will have the opportunity at the end of the summer to remove the damaged lengths.

We don’t recommend coloring your hair because the effects of the sun, chlorine and salt often cause the color to fade or dull. Take advantage of the sun’s rays to give your hair a natural patina!

In everyday life, increase your dose of moisturizer, boost your melanin with a tanning aid pill and strengthen your hair with weekly home-made masks!

4. Anticipate hair removal

If you’ve put your hair follicle to rest all winter, you’ll have to get used to the inconvenience of waxing again. But for those of you who shave, there’s still time to back out!

The first step is to reintroduce bi-weekly exfoliation on dry skin on the areas to be waxed in order to remove the hair and smooth the skin. It will take a good 5 weeks of growth on the legs to get rid of all the hair, so arm yourself with patience (and pretty long dresses).

If you can’t wait, don’t let yourself be tempted by the razor to avoid dense growth and little red spots on your legs. In the bikini area, shaving is forbidden. You will have to suffer but the long-term inconvenience is much less!

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