How to take care of your skin and hair in winter?

If summer is THE season when you must not forget to moisturize your skin after the sun, the sea and the pool, winter is not to be outdone. Cold, humidity, wind, pollution… The skin suffocates and dries out, the hair dulls and breaks. In short, before you look like a scarecrow, you have to anticipate your body’s needs.

Beauty rituals, makeup… How to face the cold and take care of your skin and hair in winter?

The skin of the face

In the summer, you were advised to drink to deeply moisturize. In winter, you need to step up your game. Not only do you need to replenish your skin with large amounts of water, but you’ll protect it best with a fatty substance. Cold cream, vegetable oils, butters, fatty creams… Nourish with thick and rich creams. If you have acne-prone skin, ask your dermatologist for advice before investing in a cream that is not adapted to your condition.

These creams should be applied morning and night to cleansed and detoxified skin! This means that you also need a cleansing cream that is adapted to winter. Anti-pollution, cell regenerator, gentle cleanser… Once your skin is clean and toned, apply your care. If your cream is too oily, use it only in the evening.

Don’t forget your mouth, which suffers even more in winter. Chapping, dryness, tightness… Saliva + cold and it’s a disaster! Moisturize morning and night with rich care products and especially take a break from mattifying lipsticks that tend to dry out the skin.

The body

Forget soap and simple moisturizing milk. In winter, opt for a cleansing oil and an ultra-nourishing cream such as cold cream that you spread everywhere. We also reduce the frequency of our scrubs. While it is generally recommended to exfoliate once a week, we limit it to twice a month to avoid removing the skin’s lipidic filter, which is already hanging on by a thread.

Feet, hands, elbows… the extremities also suffer from the cold. You should therefore double the dose on these areas, even if it means sleeping with your feet and hands wrapped in cream!

The hair

The wind, the cold, the humidity, the rubbing of the scarf… These elements generally give only one result: forked, dull and brittle hair. To avoid the disaster we follow these 6 essential points:

  • Take a break from heat styling: straightening iron, blow dryer… We reserve these treatments for important occasions and leave our hair at rest.
  • Switch to a gentle shampoo: you need to pamper the hair fiber without attacking it while washing it.
  • Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet: when it’s wet, your hair is very fragile. It’s better to brush before washing and style with fingers after shampooing.
  • Don’t skip out on care: and when we say care, we’re not talking about a mask to be applied for 5 minutes in the shower. Twice a week, if we can, we make a homemade care product based on natural fats (olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, avocado oil, egg yolk, honey, etc.) and leave it on for at least an hour or, ideally, all night.
  • Oil every day: a squeeze of anti-frizz styling oil on the lengths every morning will bring shine, nutrition and a nice movement to your mane.
  • Tie your hair up high: not all the time, but at least when you’re outside with your turtleneck/coat/scarf combo, whose friction with the lengths causes irreparable split ends, especially if you have fine hair!

The makeup

Yes, in winter, we wear makeup differently than in summer. We start by changing our foundation to lighter shades. But we also prefer thicker and more nourishing formulas to avoid showing the dry areas that we often have on our skin in winter.

Don’t forget: an anti-UV product because even in winter, the skin suffers from the sun’s rays and ages. Also prefer blush and cream blush, which are more pleasant and less drying for the skin.

Finally, if you’re the type of person who wears pencil and mascara, opt for waterproof formulas to prevent your makeup from running when it’s windy and your eyes get wet.

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