Make-up lesson: be beautiful from morning to night

If we leave the house looking dapper in the morning, it is rare that our makeup lasts all day. After 4pm, there’s not much left of our powder or our rimmel… But it is possible to remedy the problem. Hour by hour tips.

Need a makeup lesson to be beautiful from morning to night, whether you’re at work or at a party with friends? Here are our tips.

8:30 am makeup lesson

The situation: a papier-mâché complexion, puffy eyes, some redness…
The good gestures: First, this makeup lesson consists in applying a serum to wake up and energize our skin. Secondly, a little day cream to moisturize and mattify our complexion.
Thirdly, we blur our small imperfections (pimples, dark circles) with a concealer and then we even out with a fluid foundation before fixing it with loose powder. For the eyes: waterproof mascara and dry eye shadow. Lips: choose a “long-lasting” lipstick.
The benefit: as soon as you wake up in the morning, you feel fresh and dynamic. We are ready to manage our day.

Lesson of make-up of 14h

The situation : our lipstick has faded (when it did not disappear) and our blush played the girls of the air.
The good gestures: we put back a little lipstick, then we pinch a tissue between our lips. This small trick is essential as lesson of make-up because by absorbing the volatile layers of the red, allows to fix the color on the lips, in the way of a pencil. We then apply a second layer to intensify the color and give shine. We are quiet for all the afternoon with this lesson of make-up. As for blush, we trade our pink for a sun powder applied in one minute, with a brush, on the cheeks.
The benefit: a pretty tanned complexion, like “lunch on the terrace” which attracts the eyes without the anguish of the forehead which shines during the next meeting.

6:30 pm makeup lesson

The situation: an hour on the mat, step or jogging followed by a good shower. Our skin is clean, of course, but red with dilated and visible pores…
The right gestures: here is the lesson of make-up, we pass a little astringent lotion on the face and we dab with a paper handkerchief, before unifying the complexion with a veil of transparent powder. On the eyes, a line of pencil and a little mascara, just to wake up the look.
The benefit: small, simple gestures that prevent us from looking like a pressure cooker with skin that looks like an ice rink. We leave our session fresh, beautiful and in shape!

8:00 pm makeup lesson

The situation: this evening, it is restaurant. But not want to (re)spend one hour to make a beauty.
The right gestures: let’s take note of this makeup lesson: we apply a light beige powder on the areas to be illuminated (temples, forehead, chin and shadowy areas) as well as under the brow bone. In the center of our mobile eyelids, we can also apply a touch of very fine glitter to give a festive look to our wise shadows of the day.
The benefit: little effort for big effect. These quick tips give us all the glow we need for a beautiful evening. The ultimate touch: a spritz of our favorite fragrance.

Does staying fresh and beautiful all day long hold no secrets for you?

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